Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Release - Bonfire John and the Majestic Springs Band (TMRecords)

Bonfire John and The Majestic Springs Band started as a solo project by singer songwriter, Owen Yonce in the winter months of 2010. Since that time, Yonce has worked hard to establish himself in the local music scene of Carmel, Indiana where his band originates. Yonce is independently releasing his first album, “Makin’ The Most” with the help of recording engineer and founder of Tree Machine Records, Zack Anselm.

"I was cornered and trapped by a raging bull after a full day of fishing with my buddy, Owen Yonce, front man for the Majestic Springs Band. Not a typical day for me, but common practice for our good friend Bonfire John," says Anslem. "This wasn't just a big cow either, this was a thousand pound beast circling us at high speeds and taunting us with flaring nostrils and stomping feet as we were pushed back to the edge of a dock on a mucky lake at the farm. Luckily we dodged that bullet and stayed dry, and the next day Yonce was off on a trek across the country to rock climb, hike, explore canyons, and make familiar the rural landscapes that can sometimes be overshadowed in this modern America. He's truly a man who knows how to 'make the most,' the title of his first LP release with the band."

Yonce and Anselm spent two long months recording, mixing and creating music to finish “Makin’ The Most” by the beginning of the summer of 2011. With the help of Tree Machine Records, Yonce is playing local venues and starting to branch out to more national venues as well. Yonce intends to have the bands first cd release show at local music store Indy CD & Vinyl. The band will also be playing an upcoming show at Emerson theatre in Indianapolis in early August, 2011.

"The album turned out to be everything we anticipated and more. It's got an indie folk pop rock sound (at least that's the best way I can classify it) and has the feel of an early Modest Mouse album or maybe the recording style of a Pavement album. When he gets back from his trip touring begins, so get ready!

Yonce has tentatively planned a tour of the Midwest to kick off no later than August of 2012.

Other members include Brian McGowan on guitar, Jack Sullivan on bass, and Taylor Riner on drums.

A few sample tracks from "Making The Most" can be heard on the band's bandcamp site and on our site here,

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