Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tweaker in the Park - new release by Gulcher Records

Tweaker.jpg "Nineteen-year-old Bloomington, Indiana resident and international man
of mystery, known as Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt, released his first
full length LP, Tweaker In The Park, last month. After honing his
craft in various basements and bedrooms, and accumulating over 300
tracks on the hard drive of his computer, this industrious young
Hoosier has found himself with a deal with Gulcher (Kurt Vile's first
label). According to his Bandcamp page, the 11-track album is about
crazy people, oceans, and murder, recorded in the basement of a dorm,
spawned from craziness and late nights." --NWMusicPDX

Check out Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt at Bandcamp

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